Tuesday, December 23, 2014

You know you're in Wisconsin when...

You're greeted with signs like this.

Gotta love it! 


  1. Ha ha!!!!! Will you be in Pittsburgh for the holidays? If you have any free time and want to meet up for a run, please email me! (jenniferkentpgh at gmail)

    1. No, just seeing my family this year. My husband went to Pittsburgh in early Dec (when I went to San Antonio for the girls' weekend/marathon), so I don't know when our next trip there together will be, but I will ABSOLUTELY let you know!

  2. Love it! My only time in Wisconsin was for a work conference in Milwaukee, and it was amazing how Germanic the influence was throughout ... it was a blast walking around in my spare time before the conference even opened (you take the flights you get, right?)

    Enjoy your time! :)