Wednesday, December 24, 2014

This is why we wear pants

Even if you don't think there's a good reason to wear pants, it's very important. 

Even if you are just driving to the gym to run on a treadmill and then driving back home. 

Stuff like this can happen at any time, even when your momma just drove home on this exact same route less than an hour earlier and it was completely clear. 

We got out of the car and tried to move it.  No luck.  We got a few of the larger limbs off the road, but the main trunk was still completely across the road.  We tried to call my mom, but no cell service. 

So we pondered what we should do. Me in no pants, no gloves, no scarf, borrowing hubby's hat. Hubby in pants, gloves, another hat he had in his pocket, the works. 

Fortunately, within half an hour or so (we were actually weighing our options -- get out and walk home (less than a mile probably, but no pants for me), drive back to town and try to load a map on our phones with an alternate route, drive back to town and call the police), a car came from the other direction. He stopped and all three of us tried to move the trunk.

Honestly, I really do think the three of us were stronger than the average 3 people passing that point in the road on a given day, but no. It didn't move at all.

So the guy said he'd go home and get a chainsaw and come back. He was on his way to work. I'm guessing there was an alternate route he could have taken, but being a kind soul, he was true to his word and he was back in about 15 or so minutes.

So he chopped the trunk into about 8 sections that were huge and heavy, but small enough for my husband to lift, drag, push, or roll to the side of the road.

While I sat in the running car and learned a valuable lesson about why we wear pants.   


  1. Well, that's some get 'er done attitude right there. And a lesson learned. I will make sure to wear pants when leaving the house.

  2. Ha ha! Nice of the guy to go back for his chainsaw, but I wonder what he thought of you in shorts!

  3. Wow ... it is that reason why we always make sure the kids have gloves and hats and so on even if we're not going far ... you just never know.

    Glad everything turned out okay ... and yeah, pants.

    Reminds me of this comic:

  4. Happy New Year Carina!! I have lots of blog reading to do, but I hope you enjoyed your holidays. I should make my son and husband read this. My son wore a T-shirt under his ski jacket shell skiing last week. Needless to say our ski outing didn't last too long. He was much more prepared the next day. He wore shorts under his pants to school until recently because he claims it's so warm. I sit in front of my space heater every chance I get!

    Nice guys with chainsaw are hard to find.