Friday, December 26, 2014

You know you're in Wisconsin when (part 2)...

Your momma makes dessert for you every single night.  I wish I had been taking more pictures.  The first night home, it was a chocolate torte.  This night was panna cotta.  Another night was bread pudding.  Another night was Christmas cookies (well, that was Christmas Eve). 

She's so good to me. Since none of my brothers are up north for Christmas, all our dinners have been awesome vegetarian things. One night was an eggplant arborio casserole, one night was a spinach chickpea curry (vegan!), one night was mushroom gratin over polenta, one night was Moroccan carrot soup (vegan!), one night was a spaghetti casserole, one night was curried tofu with peas (vegan!). 

The sad thing about the panna cotta dessert though was that we ate it all. That I guess is the downside to individual portions of dessert.   She made 4, we ate 4, no leftovers for lunch dessert the next day. Thankfully, there was still chocolate torte...

Hope you had a lovely Christmas (if you celebrate).  Happy, warm, full belly, healthy, heart full of love, surrounded by your favorites. 


  1. Panna cotta is one of my favorites! I have a "secret recipe" for special occasions.

  2. That looks (and sounds) awesome - sounds like you are having a wonderful time. :) Glad you have a great relationship with your mom - it is all too rare. :)