Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Europe Recap: Venetian Food

Continuing tradition, while we are on vacation this year, I'm sharing some photos and details from last year's trip. Last year, you got to see China while we were in Europe. This year, you get to see Europe while we are in India! 

Since it was toward the end of our trip and our stomachs had been sufficiently stretched by my husband's family in Lamezia, we ate a TON of food in Venice.  Sadly, much of it was not very impressive, but we have fairly high standards for Italian food (did you see my earlier post about how we ate in Lamezia?). 

My husband's favorite meal is pizza, fries, beer and gelato -- actually what we had for our rehearsal dinner in Pizzo, and now what we have every year at our annual rehearsal dinner celebration dinner party, where we invite all our Dallas friends who came to Italy for our wedding. 

Anyway, his favorite meal was our first dinner in Venice, and probably one of the best meals we had there: 

For dessert, cheeeeeese!!!

We also had pizza and fries as a meal one day near the Grand Canal, by far one of the worst meals I've had in Italy in my entire life.  And pricey (for pizza) to boot.  Bah to tourists! 

Having spent about a week with my husband's family, we were thorougly in the habit of having full meals every day.  That means a pasta dish, a secondo, and a salad.  So we definitely ran up some expensive meals in Venice, I think many tourists don't eat a full Italian style meal, so in addition to being expensive, it was also a lot of food.  Good thing our stomachs were already stretched and perhaps at peak capacity in my entire life! 

For this meal, I went with gnocchi in a cheese-cream sauce (see why I gained weight??!!): 

Salads (sorry the pics are out of order):

And my secondo was a plate of grilled vegetables, with polenta as a contorno:

And of course there was a little stroll and then some gelato...

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