Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Europe Recap: Amsterdam

Continuing tradition, while we are on vacation this year, I'm sharing some photos and details from last year's trip. Last year, you got to see China while we were in Europe. This year, you get to see Europe while we are in India! 

Actually, we should be back by now, but I figured I wanted to finish the 2013 trip posts, and I expect to have a lot of work-related digging out to do! 

A bit of an afterthought to our trip was a final night in Amsterdam.  We only went there for logistical reasons -- we could fly from Venice to Amsterdam, stay there for about 20 hours, and then catch a direct flight back to Dallas.  We're doing something similar this year -- ending the trip with some time in Dubai just because it scores us a direct flight home, which is something we've found we really appreciate.  The year we went to Russia (2010), at the end of the trip, we flew from Moscow to Stockholm, spent the night in Stockholm with friends, then flew Stockholm to Copenhagen, changed planes, Copenhagen to Chicago, and were supposed to go Chicago to Dallas.  But Chicago was having weather issues and everything was canceled.  That made for a very long trip home.  We didn't want to spend the money on a hotel in Chicago (Moscow had been SO expensive), so we crashed at my brothers' place (they were both out of town on separate trips with their now wives) for a night before finally making it back to Dallas.  That trip was so painful for us that now we do whatever we can to get a direct flight home.

In 2013, that meant a big stopover in Amsterdam.  And somehow in the planning, I decided that I wanted to try pot while we were there.  My husband wouldn't (but for the record, he had done it before, I never had).  That was not quite as exciting as somehow I thought it would be (probably because I don't really know how to inhale or smoke), but the rest of Amsterdam was awesome. 

Loved the bikes, and we had an awesome Nepalese dinner (another tradition, trying to eat something indicative of our next year's trip on the current trip) (note, this is pretty easy, since we go to Italy every other year, and you can always find Italian food). 

We rented a little studio apartment in Amsterdam, figuring it would be a nice change from hotels, and they gave us CIA-esque instructions on where to get the apartment key.  It was stashed in a little lock box among a ton of bikes. 

For dessert, we went to a waffle place, which was so unusual.  I got caramels, berries and ice cream on mine.  So delicious!

And then an airport breakfast -- donut and espresso -- before our flight back to Dallas:

There you have it, 2013's trip in about 15 posts! 


  1. So.. I have thoroughly enjoyed all these trip posts. But, I have one question for you... do you have a good meat-free lasagna recipe? I want to make a cheesy, salty, delicious lasagna this weekend, but haven't found any recipes online that look that appealing. Recommendations?

  2. You went to so many places! It must have been an amazing experience. I've been to Amsterdam but have to say I didn't love it. We got lost trying to get into the city from the airport and also got lost every time we went for a walk (because the streets curve in and the names are impossible to differentiate) so it was very stressful. I actually started crying in the red light district when we were lost and couldn't get out because it was NOT a place I wanted to get lost in. But we did like the architecture and canals.

  3. I'd never really put Amstredam on my Places I Want To Visit list until my friend went last year and posted the most gorgeous photos. And then I saw The Fault in Our Stars, and was again blown away. Now with your post, I'm adding it to my must-see list.

    Hope you're enjoying your vacay!