Monday, July 14, 2014

Weekend Update

I feel like I should say, what weekend?

I got back from Baton Rouge Friday night after a mixed success day.  I got the case resolved, but not on the terms I envisioned.  But it's nice to cross it off the books, especially since defense counsel was costing an arm and a leg. 

Saturday's schedule (yoga-brunch-volunteer-friend over) looked like this:

7:30-9:00 Bikram yoga

9:15-9:40 home, shower, change

9:45-11 brunch with a friend

11-11:45 home, unpack suitcase, begin repacking for this week's trip

12-2 volunteer

2-2:45 errands

3-3:30 straighten up house

3:30-6 friend over (see photos), start cooking dinner and puzzle

6:30 hubby home, dinner, tv, early to bed.

And just so I have it documented somewhere, this past weekend (July 12-13) was the first time we officially hit 100 degrees!  Insanely lucky, this is perhaps the latest it's been since I've been paying attention. 

Sunday's schedule (race-yoga-Chinese-church) looked like this:

6:15 leave house to go to race

6:30 meet friends at race

6:45 run a couple warm-up miles with friends

7:30-9 race

9-9:45 hang out at race waiting for beer tent to open at 10 (then decide it's not worth another 15 minutes for a Miller Lite anyway, given how the rest of the day looks, and decide to head home), while hanging out with friends and attempting to cool off

10-10:15 change clothes

10:30-12 Bikram yoga

12:15-1 eat lunch, shower, change

1-4:30 Chinese class

5-6 puzzle, cook dinner

6:30 hubby home, dinner

7:10 leave house, gas up car, drive to church

7:30-8:45 church

9:00 bed

So yeah, what weekend?  Haha, oh well, it was just very busy, almost no down time, but it was all stuff I wanted to do so I really shouldn't complain.

There was an obvious highlight to the weekend, below are three progress pictures.  750 pieces, and all that's left is crap leaves and dark tree/rock. 

This morning had two notable happenings.

First, I found out I got an AG at the race yesterday, which is funny because I didn't even stay for awards since my time was so sucky. 

Second, I twisted my ankle at boot camp on my very last frog leap.  Yow.  It hurt a lot for about two hours and it looks a tiny bit swollen now, but it seems to be better than it initially felt.  I might take it easy for a couple days just to make sure it shakes out okay. 

It figures, this would happen right as a "summer cold front" is coming.  All I can say is that cold front better not bypass me (since I'm going to be working in Philly), and my ankle better be healed up so I can enjoy a glorious cooler run or three. 

Saturday night, right before bed: 

Sunday night, right before bed: 

This morning before work (just a few more pieces...): 


  1. You're a machine!! Welcome back, CONGRATS on the AG win, and let's hope the cold front makes bootcamp a little easier ;).

  2. I love puzzles, they're so relaxing and mind-clearing. Good luck healing the ankle, those suck.

  3. I can't believe all that you packed into the weekend. I'm really proud of you for volunteering even with that crazy schedule. I hope your ankle heals quickly.

  4. Congrats on the AG award! Sending positive vibes that your ankle heals in time for cool weather running this week.

  5. I hope your ankle feels better. 100 degrees! No thank you. I often hear people say they are bored, mostly my patients, but I would love to know what that feels like. I love being busy and active, but wouldn't it be nice to have absolutely nothing to do once in awhile?! Congratulations on another AG award!

  6. We love doing puzzles! Right after Christmas every year our dining room switches to puzzle table ... which is remains off and on through the year with a couple breaks before we have to clean it all up for Thanksgiving.

    These busy weekends are exhausting but satisfying in a way .. congrats on the AG - and I hope the ankle feels better! I know this morning I could definitely feel the cooler air moving in (so could Lisa's sinuses!) haha

  7. I love puzzles. Haven’t done one in years. Congrats on the AG award! Your weekend looks like most of my weeks and weekends!