Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Hair, hair, hair

One overriding theme of the 5 day trip home was my hair. 

As alarming as it is, I think my niece who is 8.5 wants to be a cosmetologist. 

Don't worry, I spent much of one car ride telling her a lot of fun details about my job.  Not that I want her to be a lawyer, but yikes, a cosmetologist?  Of course I want her to be happy, but I want her to aim high. 

I think I had my hair done at least a dozen times by her over the course of three days.  On Saturday afternoon, she actually decided she'd do my hair four times and take pictures of each one, then I could pick which style I wanted her to do for me to wear for the afternoon. 

So funny. 

So some hair options: 

And so after picking one and getting my hair done, both my nieces wanted me to do their hair. 

Somehow (likely a combination of a few younger brothers but no younger sisters, my general lack of interest in my appearance, and the fact that I never had any desire to be a cosmetologist), I have very poorly developed hair styling skills. 

So yeah, their hair was pretty much a mess after I did it, but you know, if they ever need me to assess their liability and damages exposure when they're facing a lawsuit, they'd know who to call! 

My youngest niece's hair after I did it -- total train wreck!! 


  1. Ha ha! I am literally laughing out loud. I have to say that she's pretty talented with hair styles! If I tried braiding, I'd probably have the same result.

  2. Definitely some fun styles, that is skill for an 8 yr old. At my house it is panic attack time when the kid asks me to do a pony tail for her. She can do them herself, but I think she likes to watch me struggle. They just don't make those little rubber bands appropriately sized for big fat daddy fingers. She knows that she's getting function over appearance when she comes to me for hair help. It'll stay out of your face but might not look so perfect.

  3. I really wanted to be a cosmetologist when I was a teen. My mom even took me to an esthetics school in Boston my junior year of high school. Once my friends started applying to college I decided to do the same. I even thought about becoming a dermatologist at one point. Your niece did a good job on your hair! I was always better at the makeup and facials than I was at doing hair.

  4. I used to LOVE playing with my Barbie head when I was her age. Do all girls go through the phase of wanting to be a stylist? I still love hair & makeup so much that sometimes I think I missed my calling. LOL. She's really got a talent for braids, especially only being 8 1/2!

  5. In this world where no job is a 'sure thing' (well, maybe nursing), I encourage kids to follow their passion. And at 8.5 ... well, since they and all of their friends probably love doing crafts and also watch adults do their hair, that is a natural (but gender stereotyped) inclination. And if they end up wanting to do that professionally ... so long as they are happy, that matters most. :)

    Plus for that age they really do some amazing hair art! Impressive stuff! I can't recall offhand what my kids wanted at that age ... but it isn't what they care about now ... :)

  6. I am completely hopeless when it comes to doing hair as well. I know how to French braid, but when I do it to my hair, it won’t stay, it falls out. Someone else does it? stays all day long.