Monday, July 28, 2014

Dutiful weekend report

It was the case of the weekend that wasn't, again. 

I think I define a weekend as downtime at home, and lately, that's just not happening and I miss it.  Two more weeks I think, then I'll do that. 

Saturday was a run, a massage, breakfast with friends, yoga, and then an afternoon at the pool with two friends and my godson.  It was so hard to talk to his mom because he was so talkative.  He kept interrupting, telling us to watch him jump in the pool, wanting me to read to him, talking about random things.  It was hard to get a sentence out, let alone for one of us to speak a whole sentence and the other respond.  He's a handful at 5 and a half.  The thing I should most remember at this age is that his pants just will not stay up.  It's so funny.  He has the permanent plumber look with pants and it's even worse with swim trunks.  In the few suits that seem to have real drawstrings, his mom said they loosen up somehow in the water.

Sunday was a long run -- 17 miles!  legit "long" -- followed almost immediately by yoga, then lunch at home, then Chinese class, then we had our neighbor over for dinner, then church.

I was fairly pleased with the long run.  Overall pace was only 1 second faster than last weekend's 16 miler, but I think I felt better.  I felt like the first 15 miles were pretty solid, and I was getting hot and tired the last two, but I'll take it.  My biggest complaint was that my socks and shoes were soaked.  I have no idea why.  I was sopping wet when I finished, as is the case with any run over 10 miles for me since it's often 80 or warmer even at 5:30 a.m. when I start my long runs.  But being soaking wet doesn't usually mean that much movement of my feet in my shoes.  Oh well.  No damage done. 

I think the most entertaining discussion of the weekend centered on our 2015 travel plans.  Just toying with some ideas.  Will have to post about that later.

Most exciting thing on the immediate horizon:  my boss is going on vacation on Friday and all week next week!  I think I'm going to work from home the entire time! 

Between that and hopefully having a quiet Saturday on Aug. 9, hopefully life will feel like it's settling down into the more relaxing pace that I prefer, but now that we're up to 17 miles on the long runs, in reality, every weekend for the next couple months is probably going to largely center on the long run.  I'll take it.  If only I could nap AND go to yoga AND go to Chinese class on Sundays after the run...


  1. Wow--that's a really full day after a 17-mile run! Congrats on your good pace and feeling good the whole run.

  2. You are a machine!!! You accomplish so much, my goodness. And still crushed it at bootcamp today. I thought I was tired after my 9.5 + yoga yesterday ;).

  3. I would describe MY bootcamp today as the complete opposite of crushing it. You on the other hand, finished all 4 sets!

  4. Whew - I bet you ARE ready for a real weekend! I like at least getting to sit and have coffee with Lisa and sleep more than weekdays, that is pretty good for me :) And as you see, that is about all I tend to manage ...

    Excited to keep hearing about your travel plans, and good luck with working from home!