Sunday, February 16, 2014

VD 2014

Our Valentine's Day was pretty low key.  I received flowers at work earlier in the week, which was a nice treat since I work from home on Fridays and therefore wasn't expecting any flowers on my desk.  Then that night, hubby made an awesome dinner -- supposed to be some kind of eggplant stew, but he served it over pasta.  Chocolate-covered strawberries for dessert. 

After dinner, we planned to go to the Chinese Lantern Festival, but we were both oppressively tired and didn't want to go out, so we delayed that until Saturday night.  I'll have to share some photos later in the week. 

But I mostly had to share what I made for my husband for Valentine's Day.  I am the least crafty person in the world, but I wanted to do something sweet.  I figured flowers weren't good, and he doesn't really eat chocolate, so I got him a shirt and I made him a bouquet of his running fuel of choice -- chocolate gu!  A dozen gu packets attached to sticks.  He thought it was funny.

A "guquet": 

Blurry pasta he made for dinner: 

Chocolate covered straweberries (his with almonds), with wine and limoncello: 

Saturday was consumed primarily with House of Cards and then the lantern festival.
Sunday was my first solid "long" run in some time.  While it didn't feel super easy, if I don't count time at water stops, it ended up being about 5 minutes slower than my half marathon PR.  Obviously, I can go a lot faster if I get to take water stops every 2 miles that don't count toward my total time, but it is nice to finally start to see some progress.  If I pick up the pace a little and skip those water stops, I'll be on my way to a new half PR at some point in May probably. 
Today I'm actually off work, which is a huge bonus -- we didn't get MLK day, but we get President's Day.  I'll take it!  That's for sure.  Aside from the general beating that work has been for the last five weeks thanks to our switch over to our parent company's IT system (and the RIF in our office), this week is going to be particularly sucky because I have to travel -- I'm off to lovely Missoula on Wednesday morning very early. 
My big plan for today is to shop for a dress for Mardi Gras.  The ball we go to has a pretty strict dress code -- guys have to wear tails, women have to wear ankle or floor length dresses.  I'm looking for something fun and beaded this year.  I think my neighbor is going to go shopping with me, which will help.  If only I'd lost that weight I picked up in the last 5 months, it would be even more fun!  Oh well.  Could be worse! 


  1. You and your hubby are so sweet! My mom makes a delicious eggplant "stew" which she puts over pasta, too, and it looks similar to the one you had there. It's so good!

    I love the "guquet!" Too cute, and how perfect that it was chocolate.

    I hope you'll post the dress you finally end up with - I like the sound of what you're thinking of.

  2. LOL at the guquet! You could be on to something. Those strawberries look delicious.

    I am also just getting back into training mode and I'm feeling much the same. However, I think with a little structure back in my life I will shed a few pounds. I am working towards a half PR as well.

    Safe travels!

  3. Your valentine’s day sounds like it was a nice and intimate one. I’m not one that would like flowers sent to me at work. But, then, 1) I work in a jail and 2) I like for my work and personal lives to be separate. But, if I had an office job, flowers sent to work would be quite nice.