Thursday, February 6, 2014


Winter wonderland in progress! 

Sorry for the crappy picture taken with my iphone out my office window with not even an attempt to reduce the glare.  Oh well.  This has never been a photography blog, and I haven't even posted many non-iphone pictures.  But you can see two of diplomas reflected in the background! 

For about the last two years, I've worked at home on Fridays. Occasionally a few other days, but mostly if we were travelling. It's been rare to work from our actual home on a day other than Friday.

The main reason I go to the office is for face-to-face interaction with my supervisor, which he prefers (as do I). I have a colleague who works from home three days per week, and many who do it two days, but partially because doing a non-consecutive work-from-home day would have screwed up my running commute, and partially because I live fairly close to the office anyway, and partially because I really want to be my boss's favorite, I've stuck to just the one day.

However, my supervisor was out of town Wed-Fri last week and Mon-Tues of this week, so I stayed home all of those days. Oooh, it was so nice. I stayed in my workout clothes most days, though a couple days, I showered immediately and changed into pajamas or the rough equivalent.

Well, today would be a normal in office day. Which is kind of sucky because my husband is off today. But when we were watching the Today Show this morning, we looked out the window around 7:45 and it was snowing!

My husband was planning to go to boot camp at 8:30 right near my office, so I asked if he could drop me off at work, which is where I am now.

I figured I'll work here for an hour while he works out, then I'll go back home. If I can work from home the rest of the day, I'll take my laptop with me. If I need to be in the office, then I'll just drive back in my own car.

Generally speaking, for me to drive with any kind of cold weather accumulation visible, not a good thing and I'd rather avoid it if it's not necessary. So fingers crossed the next hour will indicate no need to stay here all day!  As of now, I think I'll be heading home with my laptop for the coziness of the couch. 

One other notable thing -- first time my running group cancelled for cold.  The rule is that if it's below 10 with the windchill, run is cancelled.  Never, ever, ever happened.  It may have been that cold here before, but not on a group run day. 

I checked the weather at 3:15 when I woke up, did some texting with a running buddy, went back to sleep until 4:30, saw the email about the run being cancelled (which means we have a date tomorrow with Mount Flagpole, ugh), and reset the alarm for 6:45!  That was TWO EXTRA HOURS of sleep!  Sweet!!!! 


  1. Wow, I can't imagine it being that cold! It sounds like the snow worked out for you, though, because you got a bit more sleep. I hope you got to go home shortly after posting this and that you finished your day from the comfort of your couch.

  2. I don’t know if you’re familiar with this guy or not, his name is Mike and his blog is called Run Nerds Rock. He’s got an 800-something day run streak where he runs anywhere from 1 mile up to a 100 mile ultra. He routinely runs a marathon distance just because he can for his daily run. Anyway, my point is that he runs outside EVERY day no matter what the weather for at least 1 mile so he can keep his nationally recognized run streak going. Lately, he’s been running in negative temps! He’s crazy, but also awesome. I think he lives in Minnesota, I don’t remember though.