Friday, February 7, 2014

Multicultural Weekend Plans

I just realized how foreign our weekend plans sound so figured I'd share.  I haven't been very inspired to write lately.  The new system at work is driving me bonkers.

Tonight, we're having dinner at the Italian Club with our neighbors (the female half of the couple was born in Italy, they met and married there, but now live here most of the year).

Tomorrow, we're planning to spend the better part of the day researching where we want to visit in India, and trying to decide what other countries we'll visit, if any.  Other spots in contention:  Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives, United Arab Emirates, Qatar. 

Tomorrow night, we are performing a song with two other sets of neighbors.  Yes, performing.  In public.  In Chinese.  Dear God, help us!  A.) I am the least musical person ever.  My singing is usually described as flat, and I believe I am legitimately tone deaf.  B.) We barely speak Chinese.  This is a song to celebrate the Chinese New Year, and we are only singing the chorus (which is basically:  Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations to you.  Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations you (not sure how exactly to differentiate the two lines, one has a finishing word on it, the other does not). 

Sunday night, we are going out to dinner with one of my former co-workers.  We'll likely go for tapas, either Middle Eastern or Spanish (my fave tapas place is closed that night though).  But it's particularly international because my former coworker now lives in Shanghai, and is someone we went there to visit on our 2012 Chinese Vacation Extravaganza!  I'm sure he will be highly amused to hear us give an encore performance of our New Year's chorus. 

So all three dinners (including one in 2 hours, need to go change) will involve speaking foreign languages -- Italian and Chinese, and the day time will be spent planning visits to at least one other country.  So multicultural we are!  Haha. 


  1. I love how multicultural you are! What song are you guys singing???

    My mom really wants to visit India so maybe in the future we'll make our trek there :D Can't wait to see what you decide to do.

    1. Hmm, no idea what the song is called. Our lines:
      Gong shi, gong shi, gong shi ni yah
      Gong shi, gong shi, gong shi ni.

  2. Nice! Sounds like an eventful and diverse weekend!!

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  4. What a fun weekend! I hope the singing went well, and who cares if you're flat? What an experience!

  5. India is on my bucket list of places I want to visit in my life and one of the nurses where I work was born in India and most of her family still lives there. She told me to buy my plane ticket and she would take care of the rest, including lodging and food! Wow! I’m guessing we would be staying with her family and that’s great for me because I’d get to experience more of the culture that way. Not sure when I’m going to be able to afford the round trip plan tickets which are going to run over $1000, but I do plan to take her up on the offer at some point.

    That celebration of the Chinese new year sounds like it was fun!