Thursday, August 8, 2013

Running Fashion Faux Pas

You may have already seen this top 10 running fashion faux pas list/slideshow on, but if you haven't, it's worth a minute to check it out and chuckle.

Here's the link:

By the time I got to the third one (actually, the commentary more than the picture), I was laughing at my desk. 

My group of running buddies includes the fourth (and he's super fast, so no one really talks trash about it). 

I'm guilty of number 6, but that was only due to a mid-run casualty.  And since I said mid-run, my hair was already a sweaty, wet, knotted mess.  Oh, it was ugly...

I'm totally guilty of number 8 if I take the time to lay out my clothes the night before (which I do about 60% of the time).  And even if I don't lay out my clothes the night before, since I track my shoe mileage and I have several color options (neon yellow, pink, blue, white, and a different shade of blue), I tend to make my choice in the morning based on outfit...

I knew someone who did number 9, but she wasn't really a runner, more just came out for show.  I think she was looking for a husband actually.  Needless to say, within a few months, she was gone.  The whole concept of this boggles my mind about as much as number 6 does.

I probably do number 10 sadly.  Whole lotta leg for people to see, but the few shorties that I have seem to be the only ones that aren't driving me crazy during the summer of chafe...


  1. Haha, way to fess up! I saw this link earlier in the week. Out of all of them, I can admit to doing #2... but only in the winter with certain long-sleeved shirts that like to ride up.

  2. I think the tights and shorts makes sense, but then again, I'm not a runner, so what do I know? It was a pretty comical list.

  3. i do the whole matchy matchy thing...sort of...i only have the one pair of shoes, but i always pair my shirt to my capris and then i have 11 different colored headbands that i also match to my outfit. and, although i don't do it, i don't see what's wrong with running shorts over tights.

    here's something fun you might enjoy: