Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Painful Photo

I've been calling this the "summer of chafe."  It sucks.  I have chafed (chaffed?) more since April than I probably have any other year as a runner.  And it makes no sense to me since if anything, this year the weather is cooler, and if anything I weigh slightly less than other summers (but actually, pretty much the same I think). 

It's happening to me everywhere.  Under my arms.  All around my sports bra and heart rate monitor.  Between my legs.  All around the waistband of my shorts.  Anywhere I pin gu or chomps and it rubs.

It sucks. 

I'm wearing body glide for even the shortest of runs, but it still seems to happen at least 1-2 times per week.  It's killing me.  I need a new plan.  I'm open to any suggestions. 

This is what happened on my commute:

Not sure if it was caused by sports bra or HR monitor. But OMG, it hurts. I have a hot spot under my right arm right now too, but that's too hard to photograph.

I should just be happy my leg isn't hurting, but honestly, the chafing has made this a fairly painful running summer. 

1 comment:

  1. :( Ouch! I've been chafing more than normal from my sports bra... usually on the really humid long-run days.

    I wish I had a solution for you beyond the Body Glide, but sadly, I don't have any better solution.