Thursday, March 9, 2017

Favorite Things

For about the last year, I've been unable to sleep through the night most nights.  I usually get up at 3:xx to pee, and I'm bummed to see I have to wake up in an hour (or less).  Sometimes I fall back asleep, sometimes I toss and turn until my alarm (4:40 lately). 

But last night, I woke at 2:10 to pee, I was so excited to know that I had more than two hours of sleep to go! 

I'm adding "knowing I can sleep for HOURS more" to my list of my favorite things. 

I have tried curtailing my water intake starting in the afternoon, but it doesn't seem to help -- or at least not enough to justify the misery of being thirsty. 

1 comment:

  1. I have missed your posts! Funny that this is the first one I'm seeing. I just had a long discussion with a patient yesterday about a similar issue. It's not a bad idea to mention to your doctor at your next physical. I'm sure you're fine, but sometimes a mild urinary tract, bladder or kidney infection could be the cause. It is frustrating though. I know that feeling of waking up and being psyched that there are still a few hours to go!! I hope it improves soon.