Friday, February 17, 2017

One pound

In terms of weight, I think I may have been at my most content in the last decade-plus in mid to late 2013.  Since then, the pounds have crept on, slowly sometimes, in six big plates of pasta eaten in Italy at other times. 

I have been trying not to stress about it, but to focus more on good food choices and plenty of activity. 

As always, I made a list of resolutions this year, among them, getting back to my "happy weight zone," which is defined by me as the 8-10 pound range where I felt the best.  Technically, it's a 10 pound range, but it's only my lowest weight in the last decade plus 8 pounds -- meaning if I ever got back down to that weight, and then lost 2 more pounds, I'd still be in the happy range.  If I lost more than that, I'm sure I'd look better, run better, and possibly feel better, but given the way I view food (joyfully, full of love, often a treat, something to savor and enjoy, rather than just fuel), and the foods I like, if I dropped below that weight it would probably mean cancer or some other illness.  So it's a 10 pound range in my head, but in reality, an 8 pound range.

So anyway, as of this morning, if I could lose a little less than 2 more pounds, then I will only be 5 pounds away from the very top of my happy weight range! 

That's still a lot of work (almost 7 pounds of it), and I'm not underestimating that, but it's closer than I've been in months.  Yeah!

Buuuuuut... right before Mardi Gras...  Oh well, hopefully with a few more months of good choices and bonus workouts, I might get there.  And when I'm back in the happy range, then I can keep going and get toward the middle of that range.  Or even the bottom, but one step at a time. 

If I define a workout as a single session of weights or running at least 30 minutes, then right now, I'm usually doing about 9 workouts per week -- two boot camps, one long run, three runs in the 5-7 mile range, two commute runs, and one extra class (twice this year it's been spin, and that's definitely growing on me). 


  1. I don't understand the people who are all, "Food is fuel!" Food is so much more than that! It's how we celebrate and socialize, and a creative outlet when you cook. I'm sure if I didn't have that attitude I'd be smaller, but I really enjoy my food.

  2. That is the process - one little bit at a time. And I think it is so important to have a good relationship with the 'happy range', knowing that things are not static, not permanent ... life is a long, long journey after all. Sometimes we are up, sometimes we are down. So long as we are trying to make the healthiest choices we can in terms of eating and exercise most of the time, it is all good.

    And Gracie - I am one of those people ... because I have to be. I have had my own weight struggles (lost >100 lbs twice in my life), and tried to carry those into being a distance runner and really crashed. So while I do not belief in denying yourself or cutting out food groups, for me I really live by the 'food is fuel' mantra, because it keeps me away from unhealthy restrictive shortcuts when I am feeling a bit heavy. It keeps me having a more healthy relationship with food and my body.

  3. This is definitely something to celebrate! I was reading a blog post that compared losing weight to running a marathon. It's a long process, it will have ups and down, but if you're patient you'll make it to your goal. I'm in the same boat as you so try to remember this myself!