Friday, September 23, 2016


I had to put it here, in my official record, that I officially felt a chill in the air yesterday morning in Dallas!  I was running through a park with my running buddies at about 5:18 a.m. on September 22, 2016, and I could tell that Fall is coming!

I'm in the habit of not even looking at the weather before I run -- I wear the same thing every day, shorts and a tank.

But yesterday morning when I got home from my run (and, incidentally, when I started as well, according to what I read), it was 74 degrees!  Brrrrrr!  I'm so excited!!!  And I swear that breeze was way cooler than 74. 

Weather says temps are going to break on Sunday -- right after I run my 22 miles I believe.  Yeah!


  1. Jelly. It was 94 this week. I really want this stupid summer to go away.

    1. I'm ready for a break too. We had 3 days at 100+ this past week, but I am focusing on overnight low temperatures. And there's progress on that front!

  2. I love that you think 74 is cool! It has been much cooler here in the mornings, but it is still warming up to the 80s during the day. My husband has been leaving so early in the morning I haven't been able to take advantage of the cool morning air. I am getting tired of running in the heat and humidity.

    Beginning tomorrow I can start stalking the forecast for marathon day!!

  3. Seriously what Aimee said - I thought it was great that it was ~70-72 all week for me in North Carolina last week. Shorts and t-shirt and out I go!

    Supposed to be 32-34 tomorrow morning here! Now THAT is a chill :)