Tuesday, April 19, 2016


You know how little things will sometimes get under your skin?

I took my car in yesterday for a recall (air bag).  I had an appointment so I could get a loaner car.  Quite convenient because I WAS contemplating getting a new (new to me is more accurate) car in the next couple weeks.

I drove a brand new 3 series as a loaner (my BMW is a 3 series as well).  Loved it. 

They said it would take a few hours for the repair.  I dropped off at 10 a.m. 

I got a text saying my car was fixed and ready for pick-up at 5:45.  But the dealership closed at 7, and last night was our wedding anniversary, so we had plans.

I texted back to ask if I could pick up in the morning and return the loaner then.  No problem!

So at 8:30, I picked up my car.  I was looking over the paperwork while I was waiting for them to pull my car up.  I saw a few recommended repairs listed, most of which I knew about.  And then I saw what might make me buy a car in the next 5 days -- there is apparently a nail in one of my tires.  Ugh.

My car pulled around, I got in, and was sitting at the traffic light right outside the dealership.  I decided, since I was sitting there, to see whether my change had been taken from the change holder.  This has happened to me several times with valets, car washes, etc.  I didn't think it would happen at the dealership, but I actually looked yesterday morning.  There was room to maybe slip in one more quarter, a couple more dimes, and the nickels were full.

Quarters all gone -- dimes all gone except two -- nickels all full. 

Man, I was pissed!  In reality, they stole about $3 from me but that $hit just really pisses me off. 

I decided to turn around and tell them.  A manager came out and said he'll look into it and get back to me.  He said reimbursement would be no problem, but he said he was very upset that it even happened.  I told him reimbursement wasn't the issue, I was just angry that they'd stolen.  I have no idea how they'd even figure it out.  There are so many people who dealt with my car I'm sure.  Pulling it into the garage, fixing it, pulling it out, washing it, pulling it up to me the next morning.  I bet at least 7 people had hands in my car. 

Honestly, if they'd said they were charging me $3 to wash my car, I gladly would have paid it. 

And if they just said there was a $3 charge for the air bag recall service, I would have understood -- I'm sure they're paid by BMW (or Takata) directly for the recall service, but it still takes a lot of their resources. 

Or $3 to have a loaner car.  Totally worth it, especially since I was meeting friends to run this morning and my husband had a work car (which I can't drive unless it's truly an emergency). 

It was just the stealing that pissed me off.  I hope whoever took the money really needed it.  Fncker.  I hope if they didn't really need the money that karma kicks them in the @ss. 


  1. That does stink! I would be really ticked too! I always remove all valuables and money for that reason if I leave my car with anyone! Sad to think that it happens all the time!

  2. Ooh that just annoys the crap out of me. It isn't about the monetary value, but the feeling of being *violated*. You had temporary possession of a part of me, but rather than respect it you chose to pick through it for items of value.

    I had a few things stolen from my desk at my old job, and it was really annoying. The first thing - in my first couple of months of employment - was a grating for a spectrometer. A defective one worth a few hundred $. Sure it is cool how it reflects light in a prismatic way, but without it my company had to eat the replacement cost, and I lost a great show & tell item I had already been using to describe the new detection & control scheme I had put in place. Arrgh.

    But that wasn't anything but inconvenient and annoying. Feeling violated - even over a lousy $3 ... is much worse. I am particularly sensitive to if after getting our car broken into and so much stolen in NYC back in January.

    On the upside, love the anniversary pics, looked like an awesome night!

  3. Oh, no way. I would be calling that manager in a minute!

  4. That's just bullshit. Quarters? Really?

  5. I'm glad you turned around and went back to say something. That dealer should be not just embarrassed but also really upset. If your employees can't be trusted to not steal change, how can they be trusted with other things?

  6. damn. i completely understand that it's not the money, that it's the principle of the whole matter. and like jennifer, i'm glad you turned around and said something. the dealership will most likely investigate and see if they can get someone to own up to the theft or to point out who did commit the theft and then that person will get reprimanded and hopefully learn a lesson. people DO pay attention to the loose change and other small things in their cars. just most don't turn around and say something if it's been stolen.

  7. I'm so glad you said something. That's ridiculous. A few dollars from every customer adds up.

    Thanks again for the incredible Boston Marathon minute to minute updates. It made an otherwise aggravating drive much more enjoyable. It was such an exciting finish!!