Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Repeat Request

If I had to pick a recent day to repeat often, I might very well pick yesterday -- even if weekend days were in contention. 

Let me recap a few awesome highlights of yesterday.  There were other good parts, but these are the real banner moments.

First.  I went running with my friends.  Schedule was 8 miles including 2 miles tempo (designated as 15k pace).  I looked up what my 15k pace should be based on my fall marathon goal time and it did not seem particularly achievable for 2 miles, let alone 15k.  Ran 2 miles easy, stopped for water, then the tempo started.  And I KILLED it!  Actually, I shouldn't say that because I actually failed to nail my paces -- I was too fast.  That doesn't really bother me.  Usually on any kind of pace running, I try very hard to be spot on -- going too fast isn't part of the plan.  But who in the heck knows how to nail 15k pace on their first attempt of a training season?  The first mile started off with a (Dallas) uphill -- I glanced at my pace a couple times as I went up it -- 15 seconds too slow, 30 seconds too slow, so I pushed.  I'm not sure I ever nailed the pace on the uphill, but I more than made up for it on the downhill.  I ended mile 1 about 15 seconds faster than my goal.  So I tried to moderate more for mile 2, which was pretty flat, but included a U-turn .1 miles from the end (and there is no speedy way to U-turn).  Mile 2 ended up about 5 seconds faster than goal.  Score!  I can't remember the last time I hit two consecutive miles at that pace.  It definitely didn't feel easy, and I'm not sure how much longer it was sustainable, certainly not 7.3 more miles, but either way, I gave myself a big pat on the back for hitting my paces.  While normally I would prize being spot on over being too fast, since I was so nervous about even hitting this pace in the first place, the fact that I beat it actually makes me happy.  Still not 5k PR shape, but heck, 2 good miles was a great start to the morning!  I took a pretty long water stop after the tempo finished, waiting for my running group to reconsolidate, and then the last 4 miles were easy effort (monitored by HR) but still surprisingly strong, steady, and sustainable. 

Second.  I checked my work email as soon as I got home from my run and realized there was a division meeting scheduled for 10:30 a.m. -- first set at about 9:30 last night.  I guessed at the subject (raises approved (likely) or not approved (unlikely), and I decided I wanted to be there, so I hurried to finish up some work, shower, and pack for my trip(s), and then get to the office.  I got there about 30 seconds after the meeting started and it was very clear from looking around the room -- raises!  Annnnnndddddd... retroactive to June 1!  Annnnnnnndddd ... office location not moving for at least 15 more months!  (As you know, I love having the option of a 3.75 mile each way running commute, so I've been terrified that when our lease was up, I'd end up with a commute from hell that was not only not runnable, but involved lots of highway miles.) 

Third.  The meeting was short.  I stopped into my office afterward to put away my notepad and the divisional president asked if I could stop by his office.  I said I had about 4 minutes, but I correctly guessed the subject -- my salary/bonus -- so I knew I wanted to make time for it.  More good news there.  Top percentage raise in the office!  Eeeee!  That's exciting, especially since I'd mentioned before my overwhelming disappointment in May when someone less senior than me in another group surpassed me in title.  While I am maintaining my current title, I think I likely got the salary increase to the same level as my co-worker who was promoted. 

Fourth.  I got in my car to drive to the airport and turned on the radio.  Some Pit Bull song came on.  And I sang along as loudly as possible while car dancing on my drive to the airport.  I seriously felt like I was on top of the world -- two strong tempo miles and a raise and (essentially) a bonus!!!! 

Fifth.  Upgrade!  Not a long flight, but every bit helps!

Sixth.  Lovely hotel here in Albuquerque, and an hour or two of free time before dinner to take a self-guided Breaking Bad tour.  Last night I went to the "Northeast" sights.  Walt & Skylar's house.  Hank & Marie's house.  The car wash.  Saul's office.  The laundry.  This morning I'm going to head to Jesse Pinkman's house on my run toward the Rio Grande. 

Seventh.  The most fun work dinner I've had not involving my boss ever.  Defense counsel and two other people involved on our side in this case (one of whom was new to me, but who I've interacted with a lot by phone and email).  Too much good Mexican food and lots of cerveca (cervesa?  cerveza?  how do you write beer in Spanish???).  Will make for a slow run this morning! 

So yeah, this is a day that would be in recent contention for my pick for my own personal Groundhog's Day to repeat again, and again, and again.  Love it!  I'm hoping the mojo stays with me for today's mediation, which is my largest active case. 


  1. I seriously am due for a work day like this one! It's been nothing but slog at mine! Congratulations on your raise.

  2. Awesome!!!!! I am sure the momentum will continue and you'll have a great day, today!

  3. Awesome - love days like that where everything seems to click! I have been pretty lucky with those recently ... so I suppose I earned a day like yesterday where it felt like everything was just a bit of a hassle, took a little too long and so on ... but today started off great and promises to stay that way!

    And it really makes you feel like you're floating - great work, life, family ... all coming together!

    Congrats on the raise & bonus ... I really hate thinking about money, but it is something we have to do. Enjoy the trip!

    Hey - did I mention to you or did you see on FB about the new Garmin FR-225? I got mine last Friday and ... wow the wrist-based HRM actually WORKS!

  4. OMG, I had to laugh because I was telling my 23 year old daughter how much I love Pit Bull and her reply "um, Mom, I never thought I'd hear those words coming out of your mouth!"D

  5. Wow! What a day! You should play the lottery while you're on such a winning streak! Awesome about the raise & bonus, but I think runs like that are worth their weight in gold.

  6. That's a fantastic day and definitely worthy of repeating!! Congratulations on the raise!! An upgrade is a pleasant surprise. Mexican food makes a great day even better. Pitbull is the best! Carlos and I love singing his songs in the car. I hope the rest of your week has gone equally as well and now you're enjoying the weekend.

  7. that does indeed sound like an amazing day! i wish there were more organized 15k races. i've only ever ran 1 and that was in san antonio. i haven't ever heard of one in austin. is there one that happens in dallas?