Thursday, October 23, 2014

Europe Recap: Neuchwanstein Castle in Germany

Continuing tradition, while we are on vacation this year, I'm sharing some photos and details from last year's trip. Last year, you got to see China while we were in Europe. This year, you get to see Europe while we are in India! 

After Berlin and Munich (and Salzburg), we drove the Romantic Road down to Neuchwanstein, to see the famous castle (in Fussen).

The drive itself was spectacular:

And then the castle came into view!

I don't know:

Neuchwanstein Castle was built on the orders of King Ludwig II of Bavaria, who intended in 1868 to build a castle of the German Middle Ages.  He demolished an important Bavarian castle on site to build Neuchwanstein. 

And there is also the nearby Hohenschwangau Castle:

On the approach to Neuchwanstein:

Neuchwanstein up close.  The foundation was laid on Sept. 5, 1869 on plans by Riedel and sketches by Jank.  In 1874, Dollman took over building, and then Hoffman.  At the King's request, numerous modifications were made, delaying construction and increasing expenses.  When the King died in 1886, only the gateway building, the knights' building and the palace were finished.  After the King's death, much of the construction stopped and things like the intended chapel and keep on the east side were never finished. 

By far the most beautiful stop on our trip (and this trip included Italy!). 

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