Friday, June 27, 2014

Wedding Attire

Funny how blogs you read can impact your life.

I'm planning a post about my new tattooed life thanks to Running Bear.

Another change is that I'm actually thinking more about clothing thanks to another new blog I'm enjoying, Running on Lentils (go figure, another vegetarian runner, living in Pittsburgh where I'm visiting my in-laws this week no less?, it was a given I'd enjoy it).  One different aspect about her blog from others I read is that she does lots of clothing reviews, mostly workout wear. 

Anyway, in some ways it sometimes just makes me think more about what I'm wearing.  One of her recent posts focused on how a new top's fabric "pilled" a bit after wearing.  That's exactly the kind of thing I'd usually be oblivious to.  But now, I just find myself thinking about what I'm wearing more now (to run and in the real world).

One good thing about traveling for a wedding (and being totally averse to checking luggage) is that I have to actually decide on one outfit to wear in advance and then I'm fully committed.

This is what I've chosen for tomorrow night's wedding.  I've worn it once before (Easter 2012), but the material has a lot of stretch so it still fits well.


  1. It is funny how blogs impact life, I suppose that's part of why we write and read them.

    I always forward links of Running on Lentils clothing reviews to my wife, what with them being about athletic bras and women's tops and such.

    That wedding dress looks like it'd be fun on the dance floor, the flowy fabric flashing around. Hope you have a good time!

  2. :-) I joke to people that running is really just an excuse to buy more clothes, ha ha!

    Love that outfit. Have a wonderful time at the wedding!

  3. Like Running Bear said, that definitely looks like a fun dance-party dress for the reception! Have fun!

    Also agree about the impact of blogs ... pretty much every blogger I read is either a runner, or in one of my tech fields ... but I seldom read them for that type of content!

  4. Cute dress! I'm a fashion don't. I'm either in hospital scrubs, running clothes or pajamas. I'll have to check out Running on lentils too.

  5. I'm going to my brother’s wedding in september and I already know what dress I’m going to wear. This very pretty orangish dress with white polka dots. It’s a very classy style of dress.