Thursday, June 26, 2014

Reading selections

You can tell a lot about someone from the books they keep, right?

Well, here in Pittsburgh, we are staying with one of my husband's brothers and his wife and their bookcase is interesting and quite different from ours.  

Haha, yeah, so different.  Oh well, as long as we don't talk about politics or killing animals (well, I don't think he really kills most of them, but actually, isn't it worse to hurt them by hooking their mouths, depriving them of water, and then throwing them back?), it's all good!
Actually, we're having tons of fun here.  There is an amazing running trail (Montour Trail) that goes right near their house, so all 4 of us went this morning for about an hour.  The weather was insanely perfect -- humid, but cool (low 60s?), overcast but not raining, and the scenery was lovely -- so green and lush.  It was a slight incline on the way out, and downhill on the way back.  One of the best parts was watching my heartrate on the way back -- sailing slightly downhill going faster than marathon pace and seeing my heartrate significantly lower than it is when it's 15 degrees warmer at home. 
Also, I think we want to live in a retirement community.  Now if possible, but apparently they don't take you unless one spouse is over 65.  Thank goodness my husband is older than me.  Not even 20 years to wait now.  So many lectures, puzzles, movies, discussion groups, etc.  It's a shame that only one of my in-laws seems to be taking advantage of it, but to each his/her own I suppose. 
Tonight after dinner in the dining hall, we are all going to a lecture on the causes of WWII! 


  1. LOL! Glad you had a good run. My first HM last year was on the Montour Trail (it did not go well but that's a different story!). Yes, the weather was great this morning--much less humid than it's been this week.

  2. haha - so true, much better than stumbling onto these things by accident. I had to speak to one of the technicians in our group recently because he was over-sharing opinions and since we have mostly white men in the group, opinions that can easily be seen as racist/homophobic/misogynist/ etc need to be dealt with quickly.

    Glad you are having an awesome time!

  3. For a good time, bring up hunting in conversation with my wife. Long story short, she's not a big fan and has no filter about letting people know what she thinks of the activity and the people that engage in it. I just kinda sit back and smile when I hear the conversation moving in that direction, get ready for the fireworks.

  4. Friends of mine live in a retirement housing community in Delaware that is 50 and over. Sounds like a fun place to live. Interesting book collection. I used to be much more vocal in conversation but now I am more reserved in my opinions. I do love to listen to staunchly opposing viewpoints. Always makes for a good time! What a great run! I am on the hunt for new trails. That one is a bit too far!

  5. I’ve been reading the Dark Tower series by Stephen King, but have sort of slacked with my reading. Usually I read about half an hour a day, but haven’t really done that in a while. And then, my favorite author just published a new book in my favorite series this week…so I’m excited to read that!