Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Yoga and more yoga

Oops -- somehow didn't publish this Thurs night as I intended!

Have I mentioned there's not much to report other than yoga? 

We are having a "fire code capacity" dinner party on Friday night.  It's the same party we have every year in April.  We invite all the people in Dallas who went to Italy for our wedding, and we recreate our rehearsal dinner -- pizza and fries.  We make individual pizza crusts and let friends top their own, then we cook them on the grill.  I try to make sweet potato fries and they're usually not great... 

We also get a small wedding cake from the place that made a cake for our Dallas wedding reception, and I usually try to make a signature cocktail and some awesome appetizers.  It always ends up being a thoroughly fun evening. 

Friday I might even skip yoga to be able to get done with work early and be ready for the party.  That means I'm going to have to do a double to make up for it -- maybe on Sunday?  I'm already kind of dreading it, but I know if I do the double and finish my 30-day challenge, I'll be extra proud of myself.

So here's a few more days of yoga recaps:

Monday, 4-7-14, 6:30 class.  Don't know the instructor's name, short, dark hair, very nice.  My absolute favorite part of class was in between first and second sets of full locust.  She compared it to Baby's lift scene during Dirty Dancing.  I totally love that movie and loved picturing myself doing the lift.  As much as I hate ever being picked up by anyone (I think I'm much heavier than I appear, and my whole life I've worried someone would pull his/her back while trying and learning of my density), but I've told my husband a million times that I wish we could learn the final Dirty Dancing dance.  And occasionally, I will charge at him in the house and tell him to do the lift, but usually I pull back, sometimes I crash into him and we'll both hit the wall or couch or whatever, but he never actually attempts the lift.  But in yoga, with a floor supporting me that definitely won't break under my weight, I feel just like Baby.  I couldn't stop smiling during the second set.  I also felt like my forehead went closer to the floor, and in the second to last posture, I did better at locking my knees. 

Tuesday, 4-8-14, 4:00 class (weird day, had to work after class), instructor was Erika.  I was extremely sore for some reason.  Very tight hips.  Possibly from a fairly tough 6 miles about 10 hours earlier?  Or too many lunges at boot camp on Monday?  Or worked too hard at yoga Monday night?  Either way, in "wind-removing" pose, I couldn't believe how tight my hips were.  In general I didn't work as hard in class.  I didn't sit anything out, but I wasn't pulling or stretching with as much effort as I usually do. 

Wednesday, 4-9-14, 6:00 class.  Instructor was Rene, and she was my least favorite ever.  Young, uses a very singsong voice, seems kind of fake smiley and energetic, seriously grated on my nerves.  She uses a voice that you don't really hear anyone over 30 using, just sounding very immature in general.  And I was next to a loud mouth breather.  And it was one of the most crowded classes I've attended this year, with all 5 rows being fairly full, but enough space between the mats that we were really packed in.  The combination of all of these made for a miserable class.  I kind of figured it was just me, but either way, if I never have another class with her as the instructor, that would be just fine.  At least the class went by fairly quickly.  It seems they really all do lately, which is not how I remember it before. 

Thursday, 4-10-14, 5:30 a.m. class (10k race after work).  Rene again.  What are the odds??!!  And no, it wasn't just a chip on my shoulder on Wednesday.  She is 100% not my favorite.  In fact, she's 100% the only instructor so far I just don't like.  She uses a voice that makes it sound like she's talking to a bunch of three year olds using fake enthusiasm to get them excited about nap time.  She also does a lot of gesturing and stuff, acting like she's a performer in a big show, which strikes me as pointless and distracting unless she's actually demonstrating the postures.  The 5:30 a.m. class only had about 20 people, so she gave people tips on postures but she rarely identified who she was directly her advice at.  Instead I guess she wants you to look at her to figure it out?  At one point in the second part of the first half of triangle, I somehow realized she was talking at me.  I did as instructed and she commended me, but in reality, she was just commending me for doing what she said to correct.  I know my triangle always sucks somewhat, and was particularly sucky in this class as it was less than 12 hours after my last one and I didn't want to push hard with the race in 12 more hours, but it was nice of her to try to help me.  I hope this was my last class with her though. 

I have decided, if I'm still going to yoga in 51 weeks, on April Fool's Day 2015, I want to bring a few whoopie cushions and deploy them during wind-removing pose.  How funny would that be? 

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