Monday, March 10, 2014

Impending Illness

I've known it was coming for a few days now, but I'm officially coming down with something.  It feels like the same crud I get about once a year.  Some kind of upper respiratory infection.

Started with a sore throat.  Now it's a cough.  And above all else, feeling like I can't breathe.  Very wheezy.

Ugh.  I survived my long run yesterday, but I didn't survive the pace work.  It was supposed to be 12 miles with 6 at half marathon pace.  I managed 2 pace miles, and then I was done!  Ugh again. 

I went to boot camp beause I was awake (coughing), but I didn't do any of the cardio, just weights and some abs. 

So mostly just posting to say I'm still alive.  I hope it goes away quickly.  My favorite local 5k is this weekend! 


  1. Feel better soon!! Being sick is the worst :(

  2. Ugh - that is awful! You know the adage about if the sickness is above the neck you are good to go, but below the neck to get some rest. I hope it clears up quickly ...

  3. I hope you feel better soon! Rest up and take care of you!

  4. I hope this passes soon. Feel better!