Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekend Update

Well, I'm definitely still sick, but I think the worst of it may be over.  I'm coughing a ton and very congested, but at least I don't feel quite so awful.  Not ideal considering what this week holds...

Over the weekend, I mainly tried to rest.  Lots and lots of napping.  I also attempted a long run.  I don't know if I've said much about it, but I'm planning to run the marathon in San Antonio. 

On Sunday.

Ugh!  I'm very much not prepared to run a full, but such is life. 

Going into this weekend, I hadn't run over 13.5 miles since the last marathon in September.  I had done 13 miles twice, but both times were a mess to say the least.  Once was the trails half marathon in California last weekend, with over 3000 feet of climbing.  The other was a very slow group run that I almost quit.

So I decided I really need to get at least 14 or 15 miles this weekend, and then I'll do a kind of rapid taper this week. 

Sunday morning I made plans to run the trail near our house once alone, and then meet up with a couple friends for 7-9 more miles. 

It was ugly and slow, but I managed to get 15 miles in.  The marathon is going to be a mess.  Thank goodness I'm not doing it for time and it should just be a fun run, probably with friends.

The rest of the day Sunday was coffee with friends, lunch with my godson and his family, and an HOA board meeting.  The board meeting was stressful.  We need to cut down some trees that are inhibiting ground cover and everyone gets mega-pissed when we talk about cutting "their" trees.  Of course everyone agrees trees need to be cut, but everyone says not the one in front of their condos.  Stressful!

And on top of recovering from the plague, this week is going to be crazy important at work.  Almost like a mini-audit.  Only 15 of my files at issue (and I finished reviewing them all last week), but if it goes well, I'll eventually have more files on this program.  Of course this also means a work dinner this week -- at a steakhouse.  Ugh.  Probably lots and lots of wine, which isn't a recipe for marathon success for me.

And on top of all that, I had committed to going to a law firm event one night.  One of my boot camp friends works there and was pressured to invite female potential clients -- as in someone who retains outside counsel.  I do that.  While I never use my friend's firm (and never really retain counsel in Texas), when I worked at a big firm, I remember that kind of pressure, so I agreed to accept her invitation.  So a networking schmoozing kind of night.  And then the boozy steakhouse dinner the next night.

What a week!   But when I fly to San Antonio, I'll be able to leave it all behind...

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  1. I hope you get better quickly, because it sounds like this week is going to be really hectic. I'm incredibly impressed that you got 15 miles in when you're feeling so lousy. That's commitment. I hope the week goes smoothly, including the marathon.