Friday, February 15, 2013

Long Weekend Breather

I had awesome success a few weeks ago when I made (and posted) a weekend "to do" list that included my scheduled plans and a few "whenever" tasks.  I tried again the following weekend and had less success.  And last weekend I made no such list since we were at Mardi Gras and I knew nothing would get done. 

But this coming weekend, I have a three-day weekend (President's Day), and I have high hopes.  I thought (actually, hoped) that we'd have company all three days, but my law school roommate gets into town Saturday morning and flies back home on Tuesday morning, but it turns out that she and her husband are heading down to Austin on Sunday late morning, and not coming back until Monday night.  So it will just be about 24 hours with them, then I'll have 2 full days without work (well, I almost always work some on weekends, but not a full day, so it doesn't count).

As an added bonus, just found out that my husband is going to work on Sunday, but he's going to be off on Monday too, so we'll be able to spend the day together.  That has greatly impacted the odds of my being unproductive as to my list, yet again, but oh well.  I'm going to give it a shot.  Maybe I can get him on board and we could do a project together. 

Here's the plan:

Tonight:  dinner out with our next door neighbors, maybe checking out "late nights" at the art museum afterward, depending on levels of fatigue. 

5k race in the morning
Law school roommate lands and comes over. 
Lunch near the house with law school roommate, her husband, my husband, and another friend from our law school section and his family
Afternoon of chilling and catching up at the house with law school roomie, maybe we will play some kind of board game (she loves them as much as I do); we also talked about maybe going for a 5 mile walk with a stop at a fun bar in the middle
Dinner in the neighborhood with law school roomie and our husbands, going out for tapas
Maybe maybe a bar afterward, again, in the neighborhood. 

Long run in the morning
Make breakfast at home (waffles?) for law school roomie and her husband before they leave
Free time but I'm hoping to make a soup and a pasta dish for dinner from recipes

Nada (besides boot camp in the morning, but I may take a rest day, given that I won't have had a day off from exercise in a week or more)

So, to fill that free time between noon on Sunday and 6 p.m. Monday night, here are some goals:

Choose and frame photos to hang in the stairway between 1 and 2 (this was a New Year's resolution)
Work on wedding scrapbook (another New Year's resolution)
Go through all the stuff stacked in the garage to donate (and then photograph it for the records and take it to a donation site)
Choose a recipe for the following week and make a grocery list
Study Italian
Respond to an email from someone we met in China
Photo book of China pictures for a friend we spent several days visiting in Shanghai
Online shopping on amazon using a gift card I got
Putting together some posts for the blog with photos from our trip to China
Hang race bibs in garage -- just an idea, almost like wallpaper, but race bibs for me and my husband (if I want to do this, it should be in the next couple months, since our garage will be too warm to do it in the summer)
Plan next dinner party, guests and menu
Add birthdays to weekly calendar (right now, they're on month at a glance, but I need them on my daily list when I need to send an email or make a phone call)

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  1. Wow, I am tired just reading this post! Hope your day is as productive as you wanted it!