Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Running home, again

Running up the trail two days in a row, sigh.  We went to camp this morning and there wasn't much running, so it wasn't too tough to run home in that sense.  Averaged around 8:30s and felt okay, though not as easy as some weeks.  But all morning my feet have been sore.  I don't feel like my hamstrings are too tight anymore, but heels still hurt.  Adam suggested calf exercises, so I've been doing some calf raises.  If I'd gone to the gym for my run yesterday, I fully intended to seek out some calf machines, but alas, I ran in the rain, so my calf weakness remains.  Is the plural calves or calfs? 

So I totaled up my mileage today.  I beat June 2009 by 6.1 miles.  That means my 2010 YTD deficit is down to about 3 miles.  I could kill that tonight if I wanted!  But I think I'm on track.  July will probably be lighter than last year, but August and Sept could be a bit more intense than last year.  And if not, I'll make it up in Oct and Dec, which were both low last year. 

If I manage to qualify this fall, then obviously spring training would happen.  But even if I don't qualify, I've been thinking about running White Sands, possibly in the female civilian heavy division, though I've never done anything remotely like that before.  But WWII in general and Bataan specifically has always interested me, and I've heard the survivors are now in single digits, so if I want to do White Sands and meet them, I need to do it in 2011 or 2012.  So many ideas.  I need to go one step at a time, get hubby to do his 10 mile registration today and then get plane tickets for MTCM!!  And more immediately, I need to email Joy the plan for tomorrow so she can run with us again.

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