Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Scheduled to run 6 on hills today, and we did a modified three bears loop that avoided a blind curve.  We did the loop twice and it ended up short, we came in at 5.6.  So I stretched, esp the hamstrings, and then went home and headed out for the trail for a bit extra.  I ran to the trail and then south a quarter mile past the marker, and then back home, for an extra 1.2.  I stretched more at home too but in talking with Adam, I think I need to incorporate calf raises and good mornings back into my routine to strengthen my legs a bit more.  I'm icing my hamstrings right now and did the soles of my feet today as well.  Yesterday I iced only once, and will hope to do it a couple more times today. 

Plan for tomorrow is XT and then a run home up the trail for another 2.8, aiming for 8:30s.  Might have company for some or all of it if former XT buddy meets me there, and will be so happy to have the company that I'll let his pace dictate.

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