Thursday, May 10, 2018


Since I'm not blogging frequently, I can't leave my most recent post as my most recent post for too long.  Yesterday morning, at boot camp, our instructor asked if I track how many miles I've run.  I said I probably could, but I started running pre-GPS watches, so it would involve going back to old paper training logs.  Then he asked if I knew how many miles I've raced.  That's easy, since I've kept a race results spreadsheet for a long time. 

A few of my recent races don't have exact times or dates, but that's because I've been too lazy to look up the official dates and my times, but I have the race name and distance there.

So I looked it up this morning.  Starting with my first grown-up road race in 2003 (I know I did a couple in college and law school, but those don't count since I didn't keep running consistently after them)... 

Drum roll...

I'm just over 200 road races to date, and just over 2,000 miles raced (2028.5 by my count). 

Well, I suppose "raced" is a stretch, since some were run with friends, or just for fun, sometimes I did a race just to get in a training run without worrying about the logistics, etc. 

Still kind of cool to look at that.  That's basically Chicago to Seattle.  Or Dallas to Portland.  I thought it would be super cool if it worked out to be Dallas to Boston, but I passed Boston a few hundred miles ago -- that's kind of ironic in its own way.  If I'd totaled up my numbers when I was in my BQ phase, maybe it would have totaled Dallas to Boston.  But I passed Boston and kept going -- but slower lately.  Oh well, no complaints. 


  1. Looking at running numbers IS kind of crazy ... and I spent most of my life in the 'just run, no tracking' mode, until just a few years ago. I don't have a journal, log or spreadsheet. I just keep track of my stuff electronically now and look every once in a while :)

  2. That's kind of crazy to think about!