Thursday, February 1, 2018

Of a Certain Age

Things have been hectic.  Over 10 days for me in three separate cities, not a single night at home, a total of 6 flights (there was a connection).  Yow. 

But several things in particular were amusing at my father in law's funeral.  A few moments of levity.  Recording here to remember. 

By way of background, my mother-in-law came to the visitation but not the funeral.  She was fine at the visitation, totally not comprehending what was going on or why we were there.  She seemed to recognize him in the casket, but she didn't really have any emotion.  She also recognized everyone else -- her twin sister, her sons, their wives, her grandchildren, and her great-grandchildren.  Her sister pushed her around and she accepted condolences. 

At the visitation, one of my husband's high school friends came up to my mother-in-law and re-introduced himself since it had been 30+ years... "Mrs. X, I'm Rich."  She said "Good for you!" 

Next up, someone was saying that it was nice that Louis (Lewis?) from the nursing home had accompanied her to the visitation.  She said, "he'd be a pretty nice guy if he were white."  Louis was standing right there!  As were the only 3 children in attendance, one of whom asked his dad what that meant. 

Finally, after the second visitation, my husband's nephew was leaving the funeral home with his kids, and his middle son (age 7ish?) said, "That was fun! I had a good time!"  Makes sense -- he was floating around talking to tons of people (very social) and everyone was happy to see him.  That gave everyone a hearty laugh. 

Guess all of those things can only be funny if you're over 80 or under 8? 

I have a feeling all of those things would have made my father-in-law smile.  It was nice to say goodbye to him.  In many ways, I give him credit for bringing my sweet husband into my world -- my husband learned Italian from his father, and I met him in an Italian conversation group.  I hope he's at peace. 

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