Friday, January 12, 2018


I just want to lodge my official complaint for the record.

Yesterday morning, I ran in short sleeves.  The temp was in the upper 50s and there was a light breeze.

Today, it was 28 degrees and below 20 with wind chill.

What the heck? 

Thankfully, tomorrow's activity is not weather-dependent.  I'm attempting my first stair climb -- it's a quarter mile up apparently, 2424 steps.  A total of 3 trips up the most distinctive building in the Dallas skyline, Reunion Tower.  Can't wait!  My crazy boot camp buddy Megan is doing the half mile.  I'm hoping mine will be done in less than 25 minutes. 


  1. Three thoughts:
    - That stair challenge seems really cool - would LOVE to do one! I knew Megan was doing it (from Instagram) but didn't realize you were also - have FUN!

    - The weather is NUTS! Thursday afternoon it was over 60F and I went into the engineering building in downtown Corning for meetings with no jacket on ... and this morning we have several inches of snow and the temperature is ~10F with sub-zero windchills ... and only getting colder all day long!

    - This last summer my younger son (who we already knew had anxiety and OCD) was diagnosed with bipolar depression and has gotten his meds all under control. It has been an interesting time, many things make more sense, but at the same time I find myself more sensitive to the use of terms like OCD. Not saying that you did anything like that (I actually assumed this was about the wild weather flip-flops since we're also seeing that), but it was more of a reminder of how annoying it can be to hear/read people describe themselves or others using these terms in a casual way after knowing so many people who struggle daily in a very real way.

    Good luck with the stairs!

    1. What's funny is that I always think of you when someone compares running to therapy. Like I know what they mean, but I always think about real therapy. Running keeps many people on an even keel, and talking through things with friends can be invaluable, but I always think dude, therapy is therapy, and this is not therapy.

      The stairs were awesome, Megan won the half, I was second female in the quarter, and we're already making bigger plans for next year! But oh, if I take a double step now, super sore...