Monday, July 10, 2017

Deleted Scenes

Dirty Dancing is probably the movie I have watched more than any other.  Pretty Woman is second.  And whatever is next is way, way, way down the list.  I can't even begin to guess how many times I have seen Dirty Dancing.  Actually sitting down and watching it, maybe only 10-20 times?  But having it on in the background of life or work?  More like multiple times per year, probably every year since about 1995 or so?  Let's just say, if I see that it's on TV, it's hard for me to NOT turn it on. 

I wouldn't say it's my favorite movie, and it's probably not even in my top 5, but I love it in a very special way.  I of course own it, and I own the Italian dubbed version -- Balli Proibiti.  I've even watch the version with the directors' commentary -- lots of discussion about where scenes were filmed (most of the scenes were split between two states).  As an aside, one of the most interesting parts of the directors' commentary was discussing the translation of the phrase "a real MD" into the French version of the film. 

Anyway, the movie came out when I was 12, I think I saw it when I was 13.  And I remember very clearly that I didn't understand what "knocked up" meant.  I asked the friend I was watching the movie with to repeat the phrase 3 times, and then I faked that I had heard and understood.  My other clear memory of the movie is Patrick Swayze stealing my heart, and learning who the first woman in the Cabinet was. 

I feel like I know the movie by heart.  In terms of movie quotes used in every day conversation, mine are about 80% Dirty Dancing, about 18% Pretty Woman, and about 2% other.  And since my husband is pretty awesome (and is often doing his own work or travel planning or random internet browsing while I do the same and have Dirty Dancing on in the background), he is pretty darn good at quoting it too. 

So yesterday, my husband was running errands, and I was laying on the couch at home.  Recovering from 18 miles that morning (it was so insanely hot I really thought I might melt, summer has officially arrived in Dallas).  Just starting to do some work after taking all day Saturday off (super super busy at work these days).  And I was looking for something to put on TV in the background.  Saw Dirty Dancing, automatically chose it.

And the movie was going along like normal, when all of a sudden, I snapped my head toward the TV. 

Deleted scenes!!!!!

Words I do not know!!!!

This has happened a couple times before, but usually, if a deleted scene is included, it's one specific scene, occasionally two.  This one had about 9 of them! 

For the benefit of anyone else who loves and/or knows this movie, here they are:

1.  When Baby is getting ready to walk to the staff quarters (before she gets her watermelon), she sees Johnny in the woods making out with Vivian.

2.  When Baby is about to go to the Shelldrake and she is asking Lisa to cover for her, it's the usual line, "just tell Mommy and Daddy I have a terrible headache, and I'm in bed, and check on me once."  Lisa says she doesn't have to just do anything -- same, same -- then Lisa says no!  She says she will talk to Mommy and Daddy, they should know Baby's been coming and going at all hours and there's something fishy about it!  Baby then says that she will tell their parents that Lisa didn't stay with her as instructed while their parents were at a wedding in Washington.  Lisa is appalled because she did, but Baby threatens to lie and knows that she will be believed. 

3.  After the love scene in Johnny's room, they cut to a scene of Lisa and Baby walking, and Baby is telling Lisa that she wouldn't have really lied.  Lisa says she used to think Baby was weird, she walks funny, and she's better than Lisa.  Then back to the usual scene at the breakfast table where Jake announces they're going to leave early, before the final show.

4.  After the breakfast table, Lisa's contemplating which song to sing.  It cuts to Baby going to Penny's cabin.  But as she's walking up, her dad is walking out of Penny's cabin, telling her to finish taking the pills until they're all gone, even if she feels better.  Baby hides until her dad walks off, then walks up to Penny's cabin, back to the usual movie.

5.  When it's raining, just before the Acapulco line, Lisa is standing in the mirror and complaining about how frizzy her hair is, she says she's a frizzball, her mom says it's not that bad, she still looks pretty.  Then back to the line about remind me not to take my honeymoon here.  Then -- best deleted scene ever -- it cuts to Baby and her dad working on a puzzle.  (That's visible in the real movie, but there's no dialogue between them.)  Baby gets a piece and says, "I am a genius, a jigsaw genius."  Her dad says, "and where do you think you get it from?" 
-I'm not sure how I feel about this scene.  I love jigsaw puzzles a way lot and I told my husband that my new Dirty Dancing quote will be "I am a genius, a jigsaw genius," and told him what the appropriate response to that is.  But it doesn't fit the movie real well.  There's supposed to be distance and strain between Baby and her dad, not jokes about how proud he is of her jigsaw skills.  As much as I love the "jigsaw genius" phrase, I'm glad they cut this.

6.  Immediately following the jigsaw genius part (so maybe technically a continuation of the same scene, but I was so into the jigsaw genius line, I'm counting it as separate), Lisa finds a lipstick smooshed into a towel among her make-up.  Mrs. Houseman asks Lisa what happened.  Lisa says "it must have been that stupid, stupid maid," and wonders what she was doing in Lisa's drawer in the first place.  Her mom says maybe she was trying to straighten it up.  Lisa says she should report the maid.  Her mom says, "Lisa, you wouldn't want someone to lose their job over this," and Lisa says it's her only iridescent beige, "she should lose her job."  Baby tells Lisa to shut up and calls her a spoiled brat, and says "I did it."  Lisa questions Baby, and Baby insists she did it.  Lisa says "of course you didn't, what would you be doing with a lipstick?"  Dr. Houseman jumps in and says that if Baby says it's true, it's true, because Baby doesn't lie.  Then Baby goes off to join charades -- just like in the real movie.

7.  When Baby and Johnny are walking and Johnny's telling her about being offered the union job, they see Dr. Houseman walk out of the dining room with his arms around Lisa and Robbie.  Baby and Johnny duck down.  Exact same scene as usual.  But there's dialogue!  We hear Lisa saying that she's been thinking, "when Vietnam falls, is China next?" 

8.  Baby confesses to management that she knows Johnny didn't steal the wallets because she was with him in his room.  Then we see Baby standing on their cabin's porch and her mom comes out.  Baby says her mom doesn't understand.  Marjorie says that she knows, she really knows.  When she was Baby's age, she was in love with someone else, before Baby's father.  And when it ended, it hurt so bad she thought she'd die of it.  But she didn't, and she didn't wreck everyone else's lives in the process either.  Then cut back to the real movie, Dr. Houseman sitting and looking out over the water while the loons are calling.

9.  Johnny goes to say goodbye to Dr. Houseman, "I guess that's what you would see."  Same as normal.  Then Johnny is packing up his car, putting stuff in the trunk and Penny is there, standing with him.  She wants to go with him, she just wants 5 minutes to pack.  Johnny tells her to stay and keep the gig.  Penny says Johnny is always saying that this place is like a dinosaur, Tito gave her a new record and she and Johnny can learn a new tango routine.  Johnny tells Penny she's the best.  She calls him an @sshole and tells him not to make her cry as they hug goodbye.  He tells her that he'll see her in a few weeks.  Then he's closing the trunk alone -- when Baby comes up in the real movie. 

So I'm sure no one else in the whole world will find this interesting, but wow, I was amazed! 


  1. Wow! Now I want to watch it again! I saw it ages ago & barely remember it. I just remember the one famous line-no one puts baby in a corner. Ha!

  2. It is funny - Dirty Dancing is not a movie I have watched too many times, but I do like it :) But there are certainly many (my wife would say TOO many) that I will watch no matter what, and that I can quote from end to end ... and what generally gets me are when there are either time-based deletions or the voice-over has changed based on playing on cable vs. broadcast TV (i.e. types of language allowed). But it is still a fun thing that gets at the movies that have become part of us :)