Tuesday, June 7, 2016


From my office, I have a good view of the mall parking lot.

These cones appeared at random, but why???

They don't appear official since there's no mall vehicle near them, and it's just totally random. 


Sinkhole forecast.
They're going to fell the light pole and that's the direction they'll bring it down and they're waiting for the other spots in the path to open up.
Some high roller is coming and wants to walk into the mall from mid-grade parking.
They're going to parallel park a bus there.

I wonder what's going to happen around lunch time, when things get really busy.  Will people really just give up 4 spots because there are cones in them?  At lunch time, usually the valet rows (far left) are full and there no spaces near the door closest to my office (and closest to these cones).  Sometimes cars drive up and down the rows looking for a spot, instead of just driving into the lot over by the department store. 

The suspense is killing me! 


  1. Can't wait for the thrilling conclusion! :)

  2. Reserved for some act or event at the mall, like free blood pressure screening day? I know I always request reserved parking for my health events.

  3. we have some random cones blocking off 3 or 4 spaces in our parking garage and i have no idea why. so, i feel your curiosity in this one.

  4. So what happened??? You probably know this, but people here put cones or chairs out to save spots on the streets. It's respected very much!

  5. LOL! Update please!! My son and his friend are obsessed with sinkholes. Every time we go hiking they try to locate one.