Thursday, March 3, 2016

Upcoming Miles

The good news is that I'm going to secure my airline status early this year.  The bad news is that I just looked at my calendar and I have one more lovely week, and then I'm going to be all over the map and traveling every single week (which is my least favorite way to live life, unless it's all personal vacation travel).

This is what the current travel plan looks like between March 15 and April 14:

To Cleveland and back (side trip to Pittsburgh to check on my in-laws)
To Florida and back (work)
To San Fran and back (personal, visiting my nephew for Easter!)
To DC and back (personal)
To Philly and back (work)
To Philly and back (work)

Then I'll have a lovely no-travel week at home -- but that week will include one of our two major audits of the year, and then it's possibly back to Philly the following week if I decide to run the Broad Street 10 miler since I won that lottery. 

I just have to remember that two of those trips are 100% fun and that all the other trips will give me miles to later go to fun places on personal trips! 

And while having short weeks in the office will make things a bit more chaotic, it will also make the work weeks feel a lot shorter. 


  1. i know that all your travel for work gets tiresome for you and i understand that it sets you back on your office work, sometimes quite a bit, but i wish i had a job that required me to travel.

  2. Whew - crazy schedule! But as you say - you deal with the work aspect ... and know it will reward you later by allowing you more personal travel!

  3. Wow-- I'm amazed how much you travel! Good that you're seeing the positives in it.

  4. My sister travels all over the world for work. I used to envy that, but as she reminds me the grass is always greener and living out of a suitcase isn't all that glamorous. When we were with her in Australia I realized that she rarely gets to enjoy the places she visits for work because for her it's all meetings. However, she does rack up those frequent flyer miles!

    You do have a jam packed schedule, but thankfully you have some fun travel included. Safe travels!!