Thursday, December 31, 2015


My main Christmas question was ... why?

Specifically, why in the world would a company make and market a game called "Pie in the Face"?

And a related question -- why would my aunt buy said game for my nieces and nephew?

And a related question -- when we are playing a lovely game of Apples to Apples (which my niece had received), why would my brother bust out Pie in the Face and insist we play?

Thankfully, I only played two rounds and I "won" both rounds (i.e., no "pie" (whipped cream) in my face), but I laughed regrettably hard at seeing my husband "lose" both rounds (I honestly didn't think he'd even agree to play, but the kids wanted him to and he obliged without complaint), seeing my brother lose, and seeing my nieces and nephew laugh like crazy.

But still, horrible, horrible game.  Avoid at all costs if possible! 


  1. hahahahahaha!

    I agree ... WHY?!?!

    Love Apples to Apples ... my brother gave us Cards Against Humanity and we had a blast playing that on Christmas Eve. One of our friends said "you played that with your KIDS?!?" Yes, yes we did ... and Lisa learned some new words! :D

    Happy new year to you and your husband :)

    1. Cards Against Humanity is the best! My son's friend has played, but I think 9 is a little too young. I think we will stick with Apples to Apples for a bit.

  2. Ha ha!!! I've never heard of it. Apples to Apples is awesome though!

  3. LOL!! I saw that going around on Facebook. One of my son's friends got it for Christmas too. Of course they can't wait for us to play. I'm so excited (said in my best sarcastic voice).