Tuesday, September 22, 2015

He Said, She Said

Another quiz.  What's funny is that I actually have a few million blog posts I should write.  When I ran the San Francisco marathon, I carried my phone and took a bunch of pictures I can share.  And I went on a self-guided Breaking Bad tour in Albuquerque.  And I turned 40.  And I went to Pittsburgh to visit aging inlaws.  And I got to meet (and run and have breakfast with) Jennifer, from Running on Lentils -- in real life!  But life has kind of been kicking my butt lately!  Lots of miles on the road -- running and traveling for work.  And I'm just feeling wiped out.  So ready to taper.  (Heh, clearly written pre-ankle injury.)

But somewhere in the last month or so since I've been inspired to write, I came across another quiz when I was reading the Jen Chooses Joy blog.  And it was kind of a fun one, so I wrote out my answers, figuring we'd have some down-time in Pittsburgh for the AC to give his answers, so I wrote mine out, but of course we were busier than expected, so it took another week plus to do this.  Anyway, here we go! 

Directions:  First answer the questions about yourself.  Then, without ANY prompting, ask your spouse, boyfriend, partner, etc…these questions about yourself and write down EXACTLY what they say.  Husband's answers in BLUE and my answers (written first) in PINK.

1.  What is something your wife always says to you?
"Be present."  (When I tell him to ignore his phone.)
I love you!

2.  What makes your wife happy?
Being with friends and/or family

3.  What makes your wife sad?
Injured feet and legs (as I asked these questions, I just finished 22 miles and we are watching wrestling on tv while I sit with my legs on his lap and he's halfheartedly rubbing them) (now that I'm posting this, wearing my below-the-knee cast, waiting for more answers on Thursday about my leg, this would definitely be his answer!).   
Missing my family.

4.  How does your wife make you laugh?
I don't know.  Says funny things. 
Silly jokes or showing him funny FB memes.

5.  What was your wife like as a child?
Bossy and in my own world.

6.  How old is your wife?
40 and 2.5 weeks!

7.  How tall is your wife?
5’6″ (I laughed, then he said 5'5"?)
5’4″ (maybe 5'5"?)

8.  What is her favorite thing to do?
Plan and go on vacations and trips.

9.  If your wife became famous, what would it be for?
Running.  Or a famous lawyer. 
Probably losing my $hit and yelling and flailing my arms at inefficiency and waste  while someone stood by and recorded the whole thing (I had jury duty a couple weeks ago and the wounds of wasted hours are still fresh).

10.  What is your wife really good at?
Arguing.  It's your job.  You are good at it.  No arguing that. 
Arguing, negotiating and convincing (it's my job!)
For the record, I am totally appalled by the fact that we agreed on this.  Felt like a zinger! 

11.  What is your wife not very good at?
Barbeque-ing.  (I pushed for another answer and he said "sprinting.") 
Singing, and being patient. 

12.  What does your wife do for a job?
She's a lawyer. 

13.  What is your wife’s favorite food?
Macaroni and cheese. 
Too broad to just say cheese?  Mac and cheese, pizza, cheesecake...

14.  What makes you proud of your wife?
She's very smart.  And beautiful. 
My running.  He brags about me all the time, even if I'm disappointed with my performance in a race.

15.  If your wife was a tv or movie character, who would she be?
Someone on Law & Order (you wish you were)
I wouldn't mind hosting The Amazing Race.  In terms of a character, I always wanted to be Frances Houseman.  I also wanted to be Vivian Ward (but that was before I really understood the movie).  But I think right now, I'd most want to be Abby Carmichael (the ADA from Law & Order, I'd frigging love to look like Angie Harmon!), or Elizabeth on The Americans (it would be kind of fun to be a Russian spy living in the US undercover in the 80s).  I predict my husband will say Gillian Anderson from the X Files, since he thinks I look a bit like her. 

16.  What do you and your wife do together?
Boot camp. 
See the world, travel, cuddle, work out, watch TV.

17.  How are you and your wife different?
I like to eat animal flesh. 
I'm more of a planner and list-maker.

18.  How do you know your wife loves you?
She takes good care of me. 
I tell him all the time!

19.  What does your wife like most about you?
I don't know.  I think she likes pretty much everything about me.  Maybe that I don't like sports very much.  Except this (while watching wrestling).  Be glad we don't live in Iran.  This stuff is probably on all the time over there. 
His sweetness.  He's such a nice and good person, it balances me out.  I think we're a good team.

20.  Where is your wife’s favorite place to go?
Calabria in Italy!  If I had to be more specific, I'd say my husband's aunt's house in Lamezia (maybe on the little balcony off "our" room when we stay there), or in the piazza in Pizzo, overlooking the sea and the castle where we got married. 


  1. Once again I smiled at these ... I am generally dubious of these types of things but then find them endearing when done genuinely, as you always do - then they make me smile.

  2. great quiz! wish i had a special someone so i could do this quiz too! i really like his answers :)