Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Work or Fun?

Last week, I had a mediation in Kansas City.  As part of my ongoing goal of doing anything feasible and reasonable to make work trips not suck, I decided to spend the weekend there. 

A running buddy had just been a company rep for a mediation up there a few weeks ago and he warned me that it took all day, there was a lot of pressure to settle, and he ended up missing the last flight home.

That seed planted in my head -- it might be less stressful to at least stay two nights (the night before the mediation, and the night after). 

And then I checked with my best friend from law school who lives in KC to see if her schedule was clear that weekend and the plans were sealed.

It was awesome, though I know my husband felt lonely and I missed him.  At the same time, hours spent with her are just good for my soul! 

I ended up with a totally packed schedule.  Dinner at home with her and her kids (her husband was flying back from a work trip late), wine, cheese, legos with the kids, bedtime stories.  Saturday held a run, hanging out around the house with my friend and her family, lunch with 3 friends from high school, helping a high school friend who is in law school with a project he had, coffee with my high school doubles partner and dear friend, and a late and fabulous dinner with my friend that let us really catch up without her kids around seeking attention.  Sunday I woke up to snow, so it was a treadmill run, throwing snowballs at her kids, watching them build a snowman, brunch with a former co-worker and his family, more time hanging out with my friend, then a non-delayed (thankfully, the snow made me nervous) flight home!  I really wish I'd been able to see one more high school friend, our old neighbors, and one more former coworker, but I'm happy with the people I did get to see. 

For anyone in KC, the restaurants:  Westside Local, Taj Mahal, Starbucks (oops, no good non-chain options in Liberty), Room 39, and Eggtc.  Yum to all! 

I think the rest of February is more trips to Philly (hopefully one of which will be cancelled!), and then March is more Philly but also possibly California, which would be awesome, because I might be able to squeeze in a visit with my brother and his very, very, very pregnant wife (or his brand new baby!). 

I feel torn between wanting to be home with my husband and in my Dallas routine, and trying to make the work trips more fun and less hectic so I don't hate them or my job.  How much longer until the cloning thing happens?  Though honestly, while I wish I could have been home and in KC this past weekend, I really loved every minute of my visits. 


  1. I think it's a great idea to make a fun weekend out of a work trip. Sounds like you used your time wisely & really made the most of it!

  2. I'm totally with you. Yeah, I'd miss my husband too, but too much rushed, late, busy travel will make you hate your job.