Friday, January 16, 2015

Head Pains

For once, I'm writing to complain about a pain that has nothing to do with running or working out.  I'm at the point where it hurts to wash my hair.

We finally took down our tree last weekend, and I was bending over to take off a low ornament, and I stood up, whacking the back of my head into an overhanging corner of an armoire that holds our TV. 

It hurt so much that there were immediately tears in my eyes and I grabbed my head and held it as I ran to another part of the living room.  The fact that I knew to get off probably the best material possession in our house (a silk rug I bought in Thailand) was my first indication that it probably wasn't a mortal wound, but I was still pretty worried that I'd split my head open in a big way and I figured there was likely an imminent trip to the hospital.

I cried and cried and my husband basically had to pry my hand off to see if it was bleeding because I couldn't let go.

In fact, it wasn't bleeding at all, but over the last few days, it has developed into a goose-egg bump that hurts so much if my hand so much as grazes it.  I should have just put my hair into a ponytail once and left it alone all week. 

It has now been 5 days since that happened and it still hurts!  Definitely less than it did before, but yikes.  I guess it's probably like any other bruise and it will go away in a week?  10 days?  It actually throbs when I'm running.  How weird is that? 

I sometimes make a list in my head of what things in our house I'd want to keep and ship across the ocean if/when we ever move to Italy.  I am officially taking the armoire off the list.  It was always borderline because it's heavy and very Mission style, which likely wouldn't fit well in Italy, but at the same time, it's always been one of my favorite pieces.  Until now.

Pure evil.  Same as our coffee table for my husband, which is glass and seems to catch him on his calf about once a month. 


  1. I worry about the possibilities of swelling inside ... hopefully it will settle out in the next few days.

    Our basement has low ceilings, and at the bottom of the stairs the boys and I have to be careful about how we bounce down the stairs otherwise we'll bang our heads ... ugh.

    Hope you feel better soon ... and that the rest of your craziness is doing better. :)

  2. Ouch! Should you ask a doctor to look at it? Maybe there was internal bleeding, especially since it hurt so bad & still hurts.