Monday, February 10, 2014

Another running quiz

Since there wasn't a FMM prompt today, here's another fun running quiz I found here on the Dancing Runner's website. 

Would you rather…run with one of your ancestors or your role models? This one is tough.  My gut is to say I'd rather run with my running role model Meb Keflezighi, or a real world role model like Ruth Bader Ginsburgh, but when I think about that book I read last year (Ursula Under, which I reviewed here), I think it would be insanely interesting to run with the woman who would be about 20 or 30 or 40 in the mid-1700s if you went straight back along my female genetic ancestors on my mother's side, or back to the 1500s, or on my father's side.  I think running with Meb and running with one of my ancestors from the 1700s are equally likely scenarios, but I've at least gotten to meet Meb a couple of times.  He's amazing, but I'd love the historical perspective from an ancestor.  I guess the whole point of this question is to choose one answer, and I'll pick an ancestor from 1750 or earlier. 

Would you rather…run a race that is a few hours drive but in a beautiful location or in your city with a short drive?
  This is tough too!  I think I'd choose a short drive.  A.) I hate being in the car for a long time.  B.) I don't think there's anything particularly beautiful within a few hours or here.  C.) I don't really notice the scenery if I'm racing.  So I'm happy to do beautiful training runs anywhere and would prefer somewhere beautiful, but for a race, it's not particularly significant. 

Would you rather…take an ice bath for a half hour or foam roll for a half hour? Definitely foam roll.  But it's funny, because I'm actually far more likely to do the ice bath!  I'm usually pretty good about doing ice baths after any run 20 miles or longer.  I only do 20 minutes, but by then, given that most of my 20 milers are in the Texas summer, even with 40 pounds of ice plus the contents of my freezer ice, it's usually all melted after 20 minutes.  I've found that if I have a sweatshirt on my top half, a cup of hot espresso, and something like a book or my phone to distract me, it's manageable.  But I think half an hour on a foam roller sounds much easier.  I really should be better about doing that!  I promise I'm good at it if I'm hurting, but I've had a relatively healthy decade or so of running. (knock on wood)

Would you rather…have a black toe nail pulled off or have your entire back chaffed from running and be forced to shower for a hour straight?
Ooh, this one's easy, the toe nail.  While the chafing pain would only last a couple minutes when the water hit it, OMG, that hurts so much.  I ended up with a scar on my back from the weighted backpack that I wore during the Bataan Death March marathon.  I joke that it's my tramp stamp since it seems to be permanent.  But toenails come and go!  I hate even the slightest chafing mark getting wet, let alone the massive heart rate monitor chafing scar that I am presently sporting right below my sternum. 

Would you rather…spend an extra $100 a month given to you on running/fitness or save it?
 Save it, but only since you said it's an EXTRA $100 per month.  I already spend plenty on running/fitness per month and do all the races I want, so another $100 would just mean more clothing, totally unnecessary for me since I've already got about 50 short sleeved tech shirts, 20 long sleeved shirts, 5 jackets, 15 tanks, 5 sports bras I love (and 5 I hate but will wear on short days or for boot camp) and about 20 pairs of shorts.  Yeah, I shop at the running store a lot, and my family knows running gear is always a good gift for me.  I also tend to keep clothes fo-evah.  Funny thing is, I frequently default to wearing some of the same stuff.  Having more options wouldn't change that I don't think, so I'd choose to save the extra money. 

Would you rather…be known for running the fastest marathon or running the longest distance at one time? Definitely the fastest marathon!  I'd have gold medals and I'd be able to run professionally.  I can't even imagine running a marathon under 3 hours, let alone with the elites, let alone setting the world record.  I'd love it.  Running long distance would be neat, but as I couldn't even tell you who has run the furthest distance at one time (Dean?  300 miles?  I have no idea), I'll choose to take the fastest marathon title from Wilson Kipsang (I ran the same course as him on the same day, just significantly slower than his 2:03:23), or from Geoffrey Mutai (I ran same course on the same day too, just slower than his 2:03:02, which technically wasn't a world record because of the elevation change between start and finish), or from Paula Radcliffe (whichever of her times is considered the world record, be it the 2:15:25 with pacers or her 2:17:42 without pacers). 

Would you rather…have your medal handed to you by Kara Goucher or Shalane Flanagan? Hmm, I think I'd go with Shalene.  I don't really have a good reason, they're both awesome.  It just seems like Kara has more devoted followers/fans, but Shalene's running resume is actually more impressive to me and shows more versatility.  Shalene usually beats Kara when they race, but I think they train together, which is impressive.  Plus, Shalene didn't change her name when she got married, so go girl power! 

Would you rather…lick someone else’s armpit after a marathon, or lick their foot after a marathon?  Lol, what kind of question is this??  If I have to choose, I'd go with the foot.  My feet seem to get rinsed somehow during a race sometimes, having water spilled on them at water stops, etc., so maybe people's feet are slightly less disgusting?  Plus, eww, you'd get deodorant chunks on your tongue too if you licked an armpit. 

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  1. OK, that armpit / foot question was disgusting! :)

    For me the interesting one is the $100 - I tend to be a 'cheap runner', and until I 'got serious' I basically refused to pay more than $50 on shoes, so I would get mediocre running-ish shoes on sale. So $100 would mean having a variety of shoes, having a rotation, and so on. Oh - and more winter gear including oversized mittens for -15 days like yesterday (rather than pulling my hands inside my outer layer).